Anderson's Produce Base Mix - Salida Blend

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All of Anderson's Produce Blends are number one quality, human edible, non-GMO with no added sulfites.  Imported from a family owned company in the US, each ingredient is held to extremely strict quality control standards not only with the FDA, but personally.  The manufacturing facility is voluntarily subject to regular independent testing of the plant by a third party company to ensure safety and quality.  Most of the fruits and veggies have at least 6-8 countries of origin to deal with demand seasonality issues.  They work extremely hard to find high quality, clean products to feed your pets.

This is not a complete diet and should not be fed as such.  This is a base mix blend.  It can be used in conjunction with:

- Raw Meat/Bone/Organ

- As an addition to a processed food diet (additions of fresh foods to processed food diets are shown to decrease glucose serum levels and increase the diversity of good bacteria in the gut)

Ingredients:  Dehydrated:  celery, zucchini, rolled oats, green beans, egg powder, coconut, triple berry blend (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries), kale, sunflower seeds, pumpkin powder, parsley.

    Guaranteed analysis:

    • Crude protein (min)  14%    
    • Crude Fib (max)  11%
    • Crude fat (min)  6%               
    • Moisture (max) 12%


    • Celerylow calorie, anti-inflammatory, cancer prevention,lowers cholesterol; 
    • Zucchini: curbs the appetite, assists with digestion, lowers cholesterol; 
    • Green Beans: good source of antioxidants and soluble fiber; 
    • Raspberries: super antioxidant; 
    • Strawberries: good source of fiber; 
    • Blueberries:  antioxidant, may help older dogs maintain cognitive function; 
    • Kale: high in Vitamin K, A and C, anti-inflammatory, high in iron, antioxidant; 
    • Sunflower Seeds: good source of Vitamin E, excellent source of selenium which helps prevent cancer; phytosterols help immune response; 
    • Coconut: good source of Vitamin E, excellent source of selenium which helps prevent cancer; phytosterols help immune response;antioxidant, supports a healthy immune response; quick source of energy; 
    • Pumpkin Powder: good source of Vitamin A
    • Powdered Egg: excellent source of Vitamin D.