Our meats feature high-quality raw beef, elk and lamb meat from animals raised hormone and steroid free at Kinikin Ranch in Montrose, CO, and bison from the Eastern Plains of Colorado. All of our meat is bred, raised, and processed right in your COLORAWDO backyard, giving you the freshest meals possible for your pets. Our raw meat only chubs (available in beef) can be used as a base meat to mix with raw or cooked vegetables & fruits, dehydrated vegetable & fruit mixes made for pets or other specialty pet diets.

You will always know exactly what you are giving your pet from Anderson’s Natural Pet Food™.

Our Blends

All Blends are available in 16oz Tub & 24oz Tub

There are no grains, starches, synthetic oils, filler, rice or potato in our blends and chubs, and they are Non-GMO and HPP free.

Our blends are mixed with fresh, solid-state fruits & vegetables that are frozen, never freeze-dried.

Feeding Instructions

Big or small, we've made it simple.

Adult cats: For each 10 lbs. of cat’s weight, feed approximately 4 oz daily. Kittens and pregnant or nursing cats can eat up to 3-4 times the adult amount. Do not cook. Thaw prior to feeding in the refrigerator. **Please note that this is only a guideline, and every pet's needs may vary depending on size and activity levels. If your pet noticeably needs more or less food, please adjust accordingly.



Keep frozen until ready to use; both thaw & store in refrigerator. This is a raw meat product, keep raw meat separate from other foods.

Remember to ALWAYS wash your hands before preparing your pet's meal. After feeding, wash all surfaces, utensils, bowls and hands that come into contact with raw meats with warm soapy water.

Pet owners are the biggest contributors for cross-contaminations because of improper handling of foods.

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